Mastery of
Spiritual Writing

Bringing your brilliant ideas to life

Online Course

Alan Cohen,

Live Webinars
May 9 – July 18

Optional Personal


Launch Your Writing with Ease, Joy, and Confidence

Many people tell me that they would like to write a book with spiritual themes, but they don’t know where to start. Or they have started to write and feel less than satisfied with their work, or stuck. Or they hesitate to put their writing out there for fear of being criticized. Or they have no idea how to get their book published.

I would love to help you start your book, deepen or improve it, finish it, get it published, and find soul reward in the process. Your important book deserves to come to life, find its way to the perfect audience, bestow you with joy, and help your readers.

If you are ready to get on with birthing and launching your best ideas, this unique program will help put your across the finish line. Our webinars, online lessons, and optional personal coaching will give you the information, guidance, and confidence you need. You will also join with a community of writers who share your values and want you to succeed. 

Elements of the Training

Ten 90-minute live
interactive webinars

20 online lessons including principles, skills, success examples, exercises, visualizations, and affirmations

Optional personal writing coaching with master writing teacher
Debby Handrich

Benefits of the Training

Get started with the writing you have been putting off, or keep moving with the writing you have started

Deepen your connection to inspiration, guidance, and creativity

Find your authentic voice and style

Get over self-doubt, comparison, and competition

Why your writing makes a difference no matter how many writers have come before you

Achieve the crucial balance of self-expression and engaging the reader

Integrate spiritual themes and messages with non-fiction and fiction

Integrate head and heart, mind and spirit

Find the time and the RIGHT time to do your writing

Set boundaries to help you focus on your writing

Experience the therapeutic and healing value of writing

Claim your identity as a gifted, passionate writer

Identify and attract the audience that matches you

Gain confidence to launch your work to the world

Learn the ins and outs of the current publishing industry

Get all the skills you need to self-publish, with 5-star resources at your fingertips

Easily produce an audio version of your book

Learn how to work with foreign language publishers

Join with a community of like-minded writers with spiritual values and visions


About Your Instructor

Alan Cohen , M.A., has published 30 spiritually-themed books, all successful and profitable, including three best-sellers, an award-winner, five works of fiction, and translations into 33 foreign languages.

Many of his books have been published by top industry publishers, including Hay House, Random House, Penguin, Tarcher, Hampton Roads, Red Wheel/Weiser, and others. He has also done significant self-publishing. Alan is a contributing writer for the NY Times bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul. He is featured in the book, 101 Top Experts Who Make Our Lives Better, and he is a spotlighted presenter in the award-winning documentary Finding Joe, illuminating the teachings of Joseph Campbell.

About Your Writing Coach

Debby Handrich, Associate Professor, has taught writing to college students since 2000. She became the director of the school’s publishing program and garnered regional and national first-place honors for the college’s literary magazine.

Debby specializes in integrating storytelling and memoir with fiction and non-fiction. Her popular weekly radio show Story U Talk Radio has helped many listeners use their spiritual journey as a fulcrum for successful writing, release old limiting patterns, and claim a new story.



Online Course and
Webinar Series: $795

Optional 1:1 coaching with Coach Debby; Fee depends on type and number of sessions
(see registration page)

What experts say:

Frequently Asked Questions

Tuesdays, May 9 – July 18 (except July 4)

Time: 5 PM Pacific Time (Convert to your local time)

All the sessions will be video recorded and made available to registered participants.

You will learn some writing techniques. The greater part of the training will be about building the mindset to believe in yourself and your writing so you bring forth your most powerful energy and ideas that will make you a great writer.

Writers at all stages are welcome, whether you are new to writing or you have significant experience.

There will not be a formal critiquing process as part of the program. If you wish to share your writing with other students and give or receive feedback, you are welcome to do so.

Absolutely. The skills you will learn are universal. You can apply them to any type of writing that you like.

The program will cover non-fiction as well as fiction writing.

The course will give you tips on how to connect with publishers and present your work. You will also receive very specific instructions on how to self-publish or hybrid-publish if you wish. 

A great deal of the program will be devoted to building your confidence in yourself and your work.  Writing as a healing act of creative self-expression will be a high value in our program.